Doctor's Team

Danham Homeo Pharmacy's Doctor's Team

Danham Homeo Pharmacy believes in team work and has brought together the homeopathic doctors in Bangladesh to impact millions of peoples health with a vision to make World Class Homeopathy reach common man suffering with innumerable chronic and incurable diseases.

We made our modest beginning with a team of expert homeopathy doctors in Feni. Committed to spread the gentleness and efficacy of homeopathy in treating various ever growing and difficult ailments, Danham Homeo Pharmacy has opened new doors in numerous places across Bangladesh with a team of more than 5 highly Qualified Homeopathic doctors in Bangladesh. Doctors at Danham Homeo Pharmacy are experts and have rich experience in treating various chronic diseases like Thyroid Disorders, Infertility, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Auto Immune Diseases, Psoriasis and more. This team of dedicated doctors continuously strive and update them self’s with latest updates in medical and homeopathy fields, involve in various research activities so as to serve people.

“control is all about choosing the right treatment, choose us for world class homeopathy with homeopathy doctors.”

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Late Dr. Tajul Islam

Founder & CEO

Dr. Mirajul Islam

Managing Director